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Supporting Women with Breast Cancer

I work with you before, during and after treatment to optimise your health using a personalised nutrition approach with supplementation as appropriate. This is guided by clinical assessment, functional testing and nutrigenetics.

My aim is the support you through every step of your breast cancer journey, during treatment and to alleviate side effects, to enhance recovery and reduce any future risk.


NG - January 2023

Emma Has supported me during my treatment and recovery from cancer for the past year at Synthesis Clinic. From the outset her approach was reassuring and practical, telling me in the first few moments that this wasn’t all about cutting everything out but more about adding in more nutritious foods and re- balancing. She’s really helped me understand how to have a healthy diet and one that hopefully will decrease the likelihood of recurrence, as well as preventing other health conditions. Her tips and recipes were delicious and I’ve found myself cooking much more than before. Emma’s recommendations about other lifestyle changes have always been really tailored to my life, which has made them achievable and enjoyable.

A year in and tests have shown I’m healthier now than I was before I was diagnosed. I can’t thank Emma enough for this and I’m looking to the future with more confidence and energy.

Clare Campbell

Emma, I can’t express how thankful I am for your knowledge, support and ongoing nutritional expert advice. It really has been life changing.

You have given me the knowledge and tools to make my life easier and healthier through every stage of my recovery from breast cancer in a really clear and manageable way. You are so professional, reassuring, clearly an expert in your field and also so easy to talk to.

I can’t recommend you highly enough and I’m so glad I found you. Thank you 🙏

Sarah Jane Laing

I couldn’t recommend Emma Marshall more.

From the start Emma had a genuine interest to understand my concerns and worked hard to make sure they were addressed. Emma worked hard to produce extensive specialist plans all tailored to myself specifically.

Emma was incredibly professional and personable throughout my consultations and couldn’t have made me feel more comfortable speaking about personal matters. Her knowledge was clear and since working with Emma I have seen positive improvement to my general health and energy levels.

Emma’s dedication to her work did not stop at the sessions, she was there to answer any questions throughout the process as well as after.

Emma is clearly an expert in nutrition and I recommend her to everyone!

Eliza Rudkin

Emma’s guidance and 12 week plan have transformed my daily routine and in turn very quickly given me a lot more energy. I approached Emma asking for help and guidance to lose weight. Not only am I dropping dress sizes but I am also learning to make and enjoy restaurant-worthy healthy meals.

Emma has provided me with the tools and information and delicious recipes to be able to take control of my meal plans and help me prepare for pregnancy.”

Emma is an incredibly talented nutritionist, her food suggestions are fabulous, I get to eat gourmet meals rather than diet food and I lose weight and feel amazing – brilliant!

Josephine Lalwan

Emma has been amazing in helping me to manage my Gastritis which was initially caused by being given very high doses of aspirin during a stay in hospital with Pericarditis.

Her empathetic and supportive attitude really helped me to stick to a healthy eating plan. She is extremely knowledgeable and enthusiastic in relation to all aspects of nutrition and supplementation.

It is nothing short of a miracle that I am able to manage my condition without resorting to conventional medicine.
She also supplied me with delicious recipes that have now become a regular part of my meal planning.

I have no hesitation in recommending Emma as a highly talented nutritionist.


I came to visit Emma in a desperate attempted to try and find a solution to my chronic fatigue, extreme bloating and just my general lack of motivation.

We identified my weight loss goals, and worked together on boosting my energy levels to increase my motivation to exercise. Quick weight loss has not only made self confidence go sky high, but I have also experienced less bloating and an overall feeling of positivity and wellbeing.

My intense sugar crashes have gone on the diet plan that Emma set for me and I couldn’t be more thankful to her for restoring my sense calm and clarity in my mind.

SK, 14th December 2020

I started working with Emma after 6 years of increasing food intolerances and I had got to the point where I couldn’t eat anything with great pain and discomfort. Within 2 days of starting my individually constructed programme by Emma, I was pain free and slowly increasing my diet without reaction and now 3 months later I am eating a diverse range of food and feel back to normal.

I found Emma to be very knowledgeable and realistic about my circumstances and I am overjoyed that the path to addressing my stomach problems was such quick and simple process! I have been recommending Emma to everyone who will listen as I know they won’t be disappointed.


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