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What we eat has a significant impact on many aspects of our way of life. It fuels our energy and provides the essential nutrients that our body and brain need to function..

Nutritional therapists look at the whole person rather than just symptoms in isolation. I view wellness in terms of the physical, mental and spiritual balance of a person – all of which may contribute to their state of health.


Nutritional Therapy can be used to help achieve optimum health and wellness, by addressing nutritional imbalances and deficiencies that can affect the normal functioning of the body’s systems.

Work with me to understand your health, your body and yourself better.

What I can help you with

Nutritional Therapy

One to one consultations to achieve optimum health and wellness.

Corporate Nutrition

Workshops, talks and personal consultation packages.

Nutritional Food Delivery Service

Nutritious food made by me, using the finest ingredients designed to make my clients feel healthier and to save them time.

Demonstration Days

Run from my home in Buckinghamshire teaching you how to make healthy food without investing too much time and effort.

Amanda Sasada

“Emma supported me through my recovery from post viral fatigue.

I loved her approach. She listened and her suggestions took into consideration my personal preferences and so any intervention felt manageable.

I was hugely impressed with her depth of knowledge, realism and focus on healing through food.

I can highly recommend Emma”.

George Zych

“Emma’s knowledge, attention to detail and ongoing support is second to none and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her services whatsoever.

I worked with her to explore if a longstanding issue could be helped nutritionally.

Not only has there been a marked improvement but the resultant changes to my diet and self-supplementation regime have helped increase my energy levels and general feeling of well-being”.

Eliza Rudkin

“Emma’s guidance and 12 week plan have transformed my daily routine and in turn very quickly given me a lot more energy. I approached Emma asking for help and guidance to lose weight. Not only am I dropping dress sizes but I am also learning to make and enjoy restaurant-worthy healthy meals.

Emma has provided me with the tools and information and delicious recipes to be able to take control of my meal plans and help me prepare for pregnancy.”

Emma is an incredibly talented nutritionist, her food suggestions are fabulous, I get to eat gourmet meals rather than diet food and I lose weight and feel amazing – brilliant!

Sarah Jane Laing

“I couldn’t recommend Emma Marshall more.

From the start Emma had a genuine interest to understand my concerns and worked hard to make sure they were addressed. Emma worked hard to produce extensive specialist plans all tailored to myself specifically.

Emma was incredibly professional and personable throughout my consultations and couldn’t have made me feel more comfortable speaking about personal matters. Her knowledge was clear and since working with Emma I have seen positive improvement to my general health and energy levels.

Emma’s dedication to her work did not stop at the sessions, she was there to answer any questions throughout the process as well as after.

Emma is clearly an expert in nutrition and I recommend her to everyone!”

Jenny Cartwright

“Emma has given me the tools to address my long standing health conditions.

Through her knowledge, enthusiasm and practical advice I am reaping huge benefits.

Her positive, friendly, “can do“ attitude, plus all her delicious and achievable quick tips – has made some sensible changes happen for me.

I cannot recommend Emma enough if you need help with the changes on what your body and mind need, through her expert knowledge of foods and supplements. Thank you!”

Josephine Lalwan

“Emma has been amazing in helping me to manage my Gastritis which was initially caused by being given very high doses of aspirin during a stay in hospital with Pericarditis.

Her empathetic and supportive attitude really helped me to stick to a healthy eating plan. She is extremely knowledgeable and enthusiastic in relation to all aspects of nutrition and supplementation.

It is nothing short of a miracle that I am able to manage my condition without resorting to conventional medicine.
She also supplied me with delicious recipes that have now become a regular part of my meal planning.

I have no hesitation in recommending Emma as a highly talented nutritionist.”

Sally Chilvers

Thank you Emma, we had such an informative and fun day.  My mother really enjoyed it, and left inspired.   She has been on lots of ordinary cookery demonstrations, but this was different.  

Not only were the recipes delicious, with mouthwatering tasters, but it was really educational, with up to the minute healthy eating advice and easy recipes and tips to keep off those hunger pangs and feel better.  Lunch was delicious too!


“After my diagnosis of Bowel Cancer, subsequent surgery and chemotherapy I contacted Emma to help get my nutrition back on track.

She has made small changes and additions to my everyday habits.

My digestive system system is definitely more balanced and I have gained weight and feel stronger.

She is a continued support throughout my treatment, never more than a phone call away”.


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NTEC accredited professional training:

Nutrition and Cancer, 2018